To improve is to change, so to be perfect is to have changed often.

— Winston Churchill [1]

Physics is by definition the study of change. Alas! We are also burdened with the frailties that all humans are often burdened with, namely a resistance to change. But change we must for how can we not practice what we study and have learned; for without change there is no advancement in our understanding and personal development.

The QLM summer school 2015 is organised in that spirit, namely with a desire for change. We have felt a great need for accompanying curriculum for Quantum, Light & Matter members to better aid us in solving and tackling the problems we face as students of physics: to broaden our minds, to deepen our thinking and to observe the larger picture upon which we may start to build a satisfying career in academia and/or industry.

With this said we welcome and encourage you all to take part non-passively in your QLM summer school 2015 – designed by PhD students for PhD students.

[1]  Winston Churchill, “His complete speeches, 1897-1963”, edited by Robert Rhodes James, Chelsea House ed., vol. 4 (1922-1928), p. 3706.